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Welcome to the opening of Rachel Weisz Archives, a fansite on Rachel Weisz.

Welcome to Rachel Weisz Archives

Welcome to Rachel Weisz Archives, a comprehensive fansite on Oscar Winning Actress, Rachel Weisz. Rachel Weisz is an Oscar Winning Actress best known for her performances in The Constant Gardener, Disobedience, Denial, and The Mummy franchise and most recently, The Favourite, which Rachel has received critical acclaim for her performance. You may be visiting this website after discovering Rachel in The Favourite (currently in select cinemas), and at once became swept away by her gripping performance and want to know more about her career. Or you may have discovered Rachel in 2018’s Disobedience or as far back as 1999’s The Mummy. You have come to the right place. It is very easy to become captivated by Rachel’s acting, I am quite passionate about it and her career and I am excited to share this online resource so that other fans, both new and old, can also share in the wonder that is Rachel Weisz. I discovered Rachel myself, in 1999 when The Mummy was released. I promptly searched online for more information about her and …