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Welcome to Rachel Weisz Archives

Welcome to the opening of Rachel Weisz Archives, a fansite on Rachel Weisz.

Welcome to Rachel Weisz Archives, a comprehensive fansite on Oscar Winning Actress, Rachel Weisz.

Rachel Weisz is an Oscar Winning Actress best known for her performances in The Constant Gardener, Disobedience, Denial, and The Mummy franchise and most recently, The Favourite, which Rachel has received critical acclaim for her performance. You may be visiting this website after discovering Rachel in The Favourite (currently in select cinemas), and at once became swept away by her gripping performance and want to know more about her career. Or you may have discovered Rachel in 2018’s Disobedience or as far back as 1999’s The Mummy. You have come to the right place.

It is very easy to become captivated by Rachel’s acting, I am quite passionate about it and her career and I am excited to share this online resource so that other fans, both new and old, can also share in the wonder that is Rachel Weisz. I discovered Rachel myself, in 1999 when The Mummy was released. I promptly searched online for more information about her and found a wonderful (now closed) Rachel Weisz fansite called  Rachel Weisz Paradise (www.rachel-weisz.net)  run by Riikka and Mima. I began watching Rachel’s projects and Beautiful Creatures stood out to me, and till this day, is still one of my all time favourite Rachel performances and projects. The Constant Gardener and The Favourite are my favourite Rachel performances. I am quite partial to her indie projects, and I also love that she is a Theatre geek. Some time after this I joined Rachel Weisz Paradise as a staffer and continued developing a life long love affair with Rachel’s work. Fast forward to today and I am absolutely thrilled that a new generation of fans are learning about Rachel because of The Favourite, it really is wonderful.

As I build this website, whilst posting the latest news and media, you can look forward to knowing that there will be original detailed written content (including individual sections for a comprehensive biography, quotes, and individual project pages. You will come away after reading each project page feeling confident that you know what there is to know about each of Rachel’s pieces of work, including any accompanying media (such as photos and video). There will also be a comprehensive press archives catalouging Rachel’s entire career. It will have everything you could ever need to learn about each of Rachel’s projects (films), read articles and interviews conveniently tagged by category for easy viewing. And of course, the ever popular website sections of the Gallery and video archive, will also be very full and I will complete them to the best of my ability. I have quite a few thousand photos to upload to the gallery, so do be sure to keep checking daily for updates.

A large section of the Gallery was kindly donated by a wonderful friend named Ariane, you may very well likely remember his fantastic (now closed) Rachel Weisz fansite called  Rachel Weisz Online (www.rachelweiszonline.net) . Ariane, the gallery wouldn’t be what it is without your generous donation, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Part of this donation also included numerous photos from another (also closed) Rachel Weisz fansite  (www.r-weisz.net) , so a big, big thank you also goes out to Natalie.

We are proudly papparazzi free and do not post gossip about Rachel or her family.

You can stay in touch with this fansite via four active social media channels, there are many wonderful Rachel Weisz fans over there, so please do join us. Follow each of our channels at Twitter (@_RachelWeisz_), Instagram (@_RachelWeisz_), Tumblr @RachelWeiszFans, Facebook @RachelWeiszArchives

I’m really excited and happy for the opening of Rachel Weisz Archives, and I hope that you enjoy it just as much.

Thanks for reading this far, Lisa xo


  1. So happy to see the site online Lisa, knowing how hard you’ve worked on it! It looks great, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the updates you still have to make 🙂

  2. The site is looking fabulous, Lisa! And I’m very happy that my and that Natalie’s galleries will live on 😀 I’m so happy that Rachel will once again have a good, current fansite dedicated to her – she so very much deserves it! I’m looking forward to visiting regularly for all the new Rachel news 😀

    (psst, I’m a her, actually, so if you correct that it’d be great 🙂

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