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The Hollywood Reporter November 28 Cover

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' 2018 Round Table for The Hollywood Reporter.

We’ve been gifted with another cover of Rachel Weisz on the Hollywood Reporter and it’s accompanied with a stunning photoshoot. This cover is the November 28 Issue (see the November 14 Issue here). This cover feature also includes the famous annual Round Table which gave us a great group interview and some video footage of Rachel discussing topics with Nicole Kidman, Glen Close, Regina King, Kathryn Hahn and Lady Gaga.

On changes in Hollywood during the past year (think #metoo)

I think about those young actresses who feel empowered and hopefully … I have a real problem with the idea of “strong women characters.” Well, does that mean we have muscles or something? No one ever says that to a man. But [I want] young girls growing up [to] see stories being told where a woman takes a central role. Where she is not peripheral to the story. She’s driving the story, and so, you as a kid can go, “Oh, that’s me. I can identify.” So, it’s like a funny thing that [these stories] are coming together as women have been speaking up about harassment. I don’t know if it is a coincidence that suddenly you (to Kidman) could get [financing] for your film, you (to Close) could get your film made. The Favourite apparently took 20 years to make. Because there is lesbianism and three females at the center of it.

The Hollywood Reporter- November 28 The Hollywood Reporter- November 28 The Hollywood Reporter- November 28


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