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Backstage Cover Nov 29

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' interview by Backstage.

Rachel is on the cover of Backstage (Issue November 29) and it’s a facinating read. My favourite interviews are when Rachel goes into her craft, it’s quite interesting to learn how she goes about bringing her characters to life with such precision. There is also a beautiful photoshoot to accompany the interview.

On whether she likes the dressing up part of being an actor:

“I think the imagination is not mentioned enough. Imagination is what moves us; for me, the work is using my imagination. Just an internal imaginative thing. I don’t think about it as dressing up.

Lady Sarah is one of her most cherished characters she’s ever played:

“She’s the most fully formed woman. She’s everything. She’s allowed to be ridiculous, funny, cruel, alcoholic, vulnerable, kind, hysterical, sensible, intellectually brilliant. She’s literally everything. You keep turning her around and there’s every facet.”

Backstage Magazine


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