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‘The Favourite’ LA Times Interview

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' interviewed for the LA Times.

On Decemeber 6, Rachel was interview by the LA Times about The Favourite. Rachel was once again asked about the lesbian love intererst aspect of the film and her response was quite wonderful.

Because of the love triangle, the movie is being taken up as a queer film and I’m wondering if you all thought of it that way as you were making it. How did you contextualize the relationship between the three women as you were making the movie?

Well, we didn’t verbally contextualize anything, amongst each other. In my private imagination, which is really all you’ve got to act and tell a story, they were lifelong friends and lovers. It was in a time where my character was also married, and so had the queen been married and Abigail was married. So they are three married women. My character actually also had children, though that’s not in the film. So I guess the term would be bisexual, but I don’t know if that’s an anachronistic term. It didn’t seem to be set in a time they needed to define their sexuality, they just were in love. I loved the queen and loved making love to her. I knew it was definitely a queer story, but it was something so ordinary to my character that it doesn’t need to be discussed. It’s just what’s happening.

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