Month: December 2018

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' interview by Backstage.

Backstage Cover Nov 29

Rachel is on the cover of Backstage (Issue November 29) and it’s a facinating read. My favourite interviews are when Rachel goes into her craft, it’s quite interesting to learn how she goes about bringing her characters to life with such precision. There is also a beautiful photoshoot to accompany the interview. On whether she likes the dressing up part of being an actor: “I think the imagination is not mentioned enough. Imagination is what moves us; for me, the work is using my imagination. Just an internal imaginative thing. I don’t think about it as dressing up. Lady Sarah is one of her most cherished characters she’s ever played: “She’s the most fully formed woman. She’s everything. She’s allowed to be ridiculous, funny, cruel, alcoholic, vulnerable, kind, hysterical, sensible, intellectually brilliant. She’s literally everything. You keep turning her around and there’s every facet.” Twitter Facebook 0 Pinterest 0

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' 2018 Round Table for The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter November 28 Cover

We’ve been gifted with another cover of Rachel Weisz on the Hollywood Reporter and it’s accompanied with a stunning photoshoot. This cover is the November 28 Issue (see the November 14 Issue here). This cover feature also includes the famous annual Round Table which gave us a great group interview and some video footage of Rachel discussing topics with Nicole Kidman, Glen Close, Regina King, Kathryn Hahn and Lady Gaga. On changes in Hollywood during the past year (think #metoo) I think about those young actresses who feel empowered and hopefully … I have a real problem with the idea of “strong women characters.” Well, does that mean we have muscles or something? No one ever says that to a man. But [I want] young girls growing up [to] see stories being told where a woman takes a central role. Where she is not peripheral to the story. She’s driving the story, and so, you as a kid can go, “Oh, that’s me. I can identify.” So, it’s like a funny thing that [these stories] …

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' interviewed by The Vulture.

‘The Favourite’ Vulture Interview

Rachel has been interviewed by The Vulture for The Favourite. In it Rachel details that the Director Yorgos Lanthimos has a very unique directing style, she speaks on the film preperation she and her cast members did, the metoo movement and the timing of filimg Disobedience right before The Favourite. Speaking of which, can you talk me through the process of learning the choreography for your incredible dance scene with Joe Alwyn? It was choreographed by an Argentine choreographer called Constanza [Macras], who has an avant-garde dance company in Berlin. Early on, she cooked up the gestures, and Yorgos would watch some of the dance’s moves and say, “I like that, but not that, that, but not that.” We’d try it again; it was always a work in progress. Then we had to do it with the costumes on — the headdress, corset, the long train. And some of the moves became physically impossible, like, “I can’t do that with this dress on.” Yorgos said, “Okay, then, try something else.” So it was pretty scary. …

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' interviewed for the LA Times.

‘The Favourite’ LA Times Interview

On Decemeber 6, Rachel was interview by the LA Times about The Favourite. Rachel was once again asked about the lesbian love intererst aspect of the film and her response was quite wonderful. Because of the love triangle, the movie is being taken up as a queer film and I’m wondering if you all thought of it that way as you were making it. How did you contextualize the relationship between the three women as you were making the movie? Well, we didn’t verbally contextualize anything, amongst each other. In my private imagination, which is really all you’ve got to act and tell a story, they were lifelong friends and lovers. It was in a time where my character was also married, and so had the queen been married and Abigail was married. So they are three married women. My character actually also had children, though that’s not in the film. So I guess the term would be bisexual, but I don’t know if that’s an anachronistic term. It didn’t seem to be set in …

Rachel Weisz 'The Favourite' interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter (Issue Nov 14).

The Hollywood Reporter November 14 Cover

Rachel Weisz and her costars in The Favourite were on the front cover of the November 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Rachel touches on the language in the film, joking that one of the stand out words is in fact quite common back home. Rachel Weisz has a few choice words about the c-word. She’s just slid into a chair at an Italian restaurant in New York’s East Village — not far from where she lives with husband Daniel Craig and their new baby girl — and she couldn’t seem more like a picture-perfect new mum. Casually yet fashionably attired in a slouchy gray sweater, leggings and sneakers, she’s elegant and down-to-earth at the same time. But then she starts dropping C-bombs. “In England, we say it all the time,” admits Weisz, 48, nonchalantly. “If I’m with another Brit, we’ll say, ‘So and so is being such a c—t,’ and laugh. It’s an old English word. Shakespeare used it. Or maybe Chaucer.” The London-born Oscar winner (for supporting actress in 2005’s The Constant Gardener) …